BBC micro:bit Monkmakes Low voltage relay(solid state)

BBC micro:bit Monkmakes Low voltage relay(solid state)

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BBC micro:bit Monkmakes Low voltage relay(solid state)

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The MonkMakes Relay for the BBC microbit is a solid-state (no moving parts) relay that allows an output of a micro:bit to turn things on and off.

A micro:bit can turn an LED on and off directly, but anything more powerful requires something like a relay or a transistor. Using a transistor to switch something on and off requires a shared ground connection with the micro:bit and a knowledge of electronics that you or your students may not be ready for. The MonkMakes Relay for micro:bit is much easier to use, acting like a simple micro:bit controlled switch.

This relay can be used to switch low voltage devices such as light bulbs, a motor, a small heating element or even a string of 12V LED lighting. The voltage needs to be kept under 16V, but the relay will automatically protect itself against too much current.


  • Solid-state relay (No moving parts)
  • Resettable ‘polyfuse’ to protect against over-current
  • 2A Maximum current
  • 16V Maximum voltage
  • Integrated active LED power indicator


  • 1 x MonkMakes Relay Board for the BBC micro:bit


  • Length: 59.3 mm
  • Width: 49 mm
  • Height: 1.6 mm